Library Membership

Residents of Sangudo and area may acquire a library card provided that proper identification is shown. School aged children within the Sangudo area receive a free library membership

Regular Membership Fees:





Your library card is The Alberta Library (TAL) card. This means that as a member of Sangudo Public Library, you may borrow and return books at any Alberta Library. To sign out items from our library, we strongly suggest that you have your card present.

If you lose your library card please contact the library immediately to avoid the unauthorized use of your library card.

If you move or change your phone number please notify us as soon as possible in order to keep you file up to date.

Overdue Fees:

$0.10 per item per day for overdue books, magazines, audiobooks, or music CDs.

$1.00 per item per day for DVDs

$10.00 per day for the late return of the Wi-Fi Hub

Lost and damaged items have variable charges for replacement, depending on cost of the item and market value. When a card accumulates $10.00 or more in unpaid fines, it is automatically suspended from checking out more items.