ME Libraries

ME Libraries lets you join other public libraries across Alberta and borrow their materials using ONE library card. Simply login to with your card information and pick other libraries you’d like to borrow from. The site checks your personal information to make sure it’s accurate and automatically registers you with the other libraries you picked. After you’ve registered, you’ll be able to use your own library card to borrow physical items at the other libraries just like a local cardholder. If under 18, you need to register to use the ME services in person at a library while accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

TAL: The Alberta Library

TAL Online is your one-stop shop for requesting interlibrary loans. These are materials that you can't find at your local library or within the Trac system. By searching on TAL Online you can view materials across the province and request to have them shipped to your library. 

With a TAL card, you can borrow materials from participating libraries, including academic, government, and special libraries! Loan periods and overdue fines may vary. Return the material to any participating library and it will be sent back to its owning library at no charge. Visit your local library to sign up for a TAL card. Click here for a list of participating members.